CO2 Magazine for Ignite Black Ops 1911 Scorpion

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A high capacity CO2 magazine that works perfectly with the Ignite Black Ops 1911 Scorpion sold in Walmart.

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This all metal high capacity pistol magazine holds an astonishing 35 rounds and will work perfectly with the Ignite Black Ops 1911 Scorpion sold in Walmart. This magazine requires the commonly found 12 gram CO2 cartridge. Operation of this magazine is very simple. Simply slide the bottom off, insert the CO2 cartridge and tighten the screw till the seal breaks. Now you're ready to start bringing some pain! 

This magazine will work with both .12g, .20 and heavier BBs. Many players who start Airsoft begin with with 0.12g BB’s, which are cheap and commonly sold in sporting goods stores and super markets. 0.12g BB’s are the lightest in the market and are almost always of the poorest quality. 0.12g BB’s have a high tendency to jam, because they are manufactured with low quality control. These low quality standards result in 0.12g BB’s with protruding molding seems, poor to no polish and deviations in shape. We urge any Airsofter to NEVER use 0.12g BB’s with any Airsoft gun. The kind of BB’s you choose will directly affect your gameplay and is something you don’t want to overlook. We suggest using high grade BBs such as Javelines or Elite Force BBs. These BBs are manufactured with the utmost percision and quaility control. These are the same BBs that the highest-end Airsoft rifles require. Still not sure which BB is right for you? Click here to learn more.

Please note that we ARE NOT Ignite Black Ops nor are we affiliated in any way. Our official business name is Black Ops Airsoft, Inc. located in Tracy, California and have been in business for several years. Ignite Black Ops is an entirely unrelated company owned by the Bear River International toy company. Please contact the Bear River International toy company if you have any questions or problems regarding your Ignite Black Ops product.

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I bought a Ignite Black Ops pistol from Walmart and the stoopid magazine broke. Walmart didnt sell magazines so I decided to look up Black Ops Airsoft. I thought "Sweet" the makers. They dont make the gun. But they do sell this mag! Had to wait a while for them, but as told by the staff, they are backordered. (WONDER WHY?) I bought 3 right off the bat. I still have the mags. But the gun is a done deal. So I bought another C02 gun from Black Ops. The Elite Force Tac i believe. Screw Walmart! Black Ops FTW! (Posted on 8/29/13) Review by Driftler
Good Mag
Yes, I can confirm this mag works with the 1911 Scorpion. I have skirmished with these mags for several games and they hold up good. I personally suggest getting two because ammo goes fast if you use your pistol a lot. (Posted on 3/4/13) Review by GrizzlyWarrior
Yes it works
At first I was really uncertain if this magazine would work with my 1911 Scorpion, but I'm very happy to know it performs just fine! It feeds just fine and still gives the gun great kick. I can't believe how much searching around the web I had to do to find a frikkin mag for this gun! So yea, If you like to skirmish a lot then having extra mags is a must. (Posted on 12/29/12) Review by SteveTV_

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