Revolver shells

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Revolver shells. Package includes six shells.

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This package includes six revolver shells that works with 2", 4", 6" WEWE Revolvers. These shells truly take Airsoft to the next level of realism. Getting them to work is super easy as well. Simply pop a BB into each shell, insert the shells into the revolver and you’re all set to go!

These shells are constructed out of all metal and have a rubber nub where the bullet would be. These revolver shells will work with .12g, .20g and heavier BBs. CO2 revolvers tend to shoot really hot so we recommend you use the heavier .25g for best range and accuracy. Many players who start Airsoft begin with with 0.12g BB’s, which are cheap and commonly sold in sporting goods stores and super markets. 0.12g BB’s are the lightest in the market and are almost always of the poorest quality. 0.12g BB’s have a high tendency to jam, because they are manufactured with low quality control. These low quality standards result in 0.12g BB’s with protruding molding seems, poor to no polish and deviations in shape. We urge any Airsofter to NEVER use 0.12g BB’s with any Airsoft gun. The kind of BB’s you choose will directly affect your gameplay and is something you don’t want to overlook. We suggest using high grade BBs such as Elite Force BBs. These BBs are manufactured with the utmost precision and quality control. These are the same BBs that the highest-end Airsoft rifles require.

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